Patch Maker

Patch Maker

Patch Maker will create an installer of your program's updates
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Patch Maker is a little brother of the well known Install Creator. Both these software pieces are created and developed by Click Team. Patch Maker is a unique type of tool unlike any other install maker products. Usually an install maker is used to create the installer of a software project. So, all software developers use at least one install making tool to create the installer for their product. But Patch Maker is not a usual install maker as it will not create the installer of your program, it will create the installer of your program's updates. And it is very useful in case you have a large in size program, suppose 100MB, and you want to launch its update, which only has minor changes in few files from the original base project. So with Patch Maker you do not need to launch a 100MB update of your project as Patch Maker is capable to create a fully working installer of a program's update, which includes only updated, modified or new files in the installer. It is very easy to use as it has the same wizard-like interface as the one of Install Creator. Patch Maker can save your time and resources and it is also very safe for your software projects because you do not have to include all source files of the project in the update installer.

Manoj Goel
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  • Free
  • A wizard-like interface


  • Includes an ads page of the Clickteam site in the installer
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